Friday, September 12, 2008

Super Power Club

My mom, presumably going through some old boxes or something, found my first wallet and sent it to me (I don't even remember owning it!). Check out the treasure I found inside:
Awww, that brings me back. Somewhere, rotting in my old closet in Hawaii are the first 50 or so Nintendo Power magazines (you know, back before Nintendo Power was one giant ad for Nintendo games, and instead had awesome maps, walkthroughs, tips for bosses, and what not). Those are probably collectors items now. These are the baseball cards of my childhood.

I've been working my way through the excellent series by Darius Kazemi titled Effective Networking in the Game Industry. FASCINATING stuff. That guy is a networking addict, it's great.

Specifically I've been contemplating his suggestions for business cards and have decided it's pretty necessary design one of my own. I'm sure I'll put a copy of it up here once that's done. I'm going to have Tracie (or if she refuses, someone else, or even myself) draw a little picture of me with some of my trademark distinctions (badass claw-shaped scar on my left eyebrow, childlike grin, blue eyes, yellow shirt). Or at least those WILL be my trademark distinctions after I, you know, network better. Not that I've ever had trouble meeting friends, I like to think I'm a pretty likable guy. That and I'm a good listener, ooooh how people like to talk. I'm such a good listener, in fact, that I spend 6 hours a day reading game news and other game-related blog entries, and ignore my inbox and this blog... hmmm...

Ok, back to the mines I go.



Darius Kazemi said...

Glad you like my articles! If you're ever at a conference or visiting Boston, drop me a line ;)

Savid Daunders said...

Yeah, definitely, will do! Who better to network with than someone addicted to networking? ;)

Plus, being the data whore I am, I'd love to hear more about your business. It's my philosophy that information is power, so naturally I'm a true believer in what you guys are doing :D